Tor buke

Tor buke surjo fele esechiJokhon janla theke chokh baire mellam dekhlam janis surjo dube geche tor kapaler opor, Ami chutei bujhlam paharer gandho nake chokhe mishe tor, Tui kichuta neshar ghore chilis sedin, 
Sedin Amader sesh dekha , bikeler urochithi Amar dak baksho te tokhon uki dichhe mayabi chokhe,
Ami sediner alo jholmol megh guloke tor chokh bhebe , ramdhonu take tor mukh bhebe r hotath mall e borofpaat take tor chumbon bhebe chuye felechilam,
Pahar theke neme ashar pothe dekhlam purota tui chilis, pahar Akash borof surjasto egulo kothao chilona, 
Ki janis, tor shorirer gondhe ami hete par korechilam anekta uchu nichu poth r ferar pothe bujhechi Amar surjo ta ami tor buke fele esechi, tor ghumer majhe, Akhon ami janina Tui kothae achis, 
Hoeto Ei shohorer bhire kothao mishe gechis, amake Na janie charpas tor palanor chonde taal dieche,
Ami abar pahar e jabo, toke khuje pabo kina janina, kintu surjasto takeo ami tor bukei fele asbo katha dilum….


Inception of Earth in us

Life is full of untold stories 
Imagine that there’s a beautiful river
A two souled boat

And a Sailor and his Queen of poems

Hands full of red roses

The river bank staged by red carpets

The sky full of morning stars

And the Sailor said “I love you Queen Magnet”

And The Queen replied “the love is pure Sailor”

They sailed together for a journey called “life”

The Queen and Her Sailor sang a song together

Written by her words that were worth , musically freed by his Tagore

So that was a combination of Wordsworth and Tagore

They had a roof full of stars ✨

Water 💦 from the ☔️ rain

And light from the Sun

They had little kids, happy kids

The son of Earth

The daughter of Mother Merry


Look at your heart ❤️ closely, you will find a whole earth residing in you