If life would have been a poetry 


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A little write up formulae….

It’s a blooming day coming to an end following a calming night. If life would have been a poetry, think how you would have written it….no don’t try to be a poet now….I am sharing you an idea tonight to express life in a poetry….

Ain’t you finding the rhyme ? Close your eyes, keep your right hand close to you heart, hope you can feel the beats…keep listening to the beats…now think about a moment when you smile today….hope you find at least one…now try to think about a moment when you felt loosing the faith in yourself and in fate….no doubt you will feel a hell lot of….now put a line of smile just after a line of sorrows…continue the process until you are left with only a moment of fulfillment and happiness…hope you have structured a poem on your life now…that’s a poetry…the only formula behind expressing life in poetry is agreeing to the fact that lines of worries and happiness are good to stay together…..and makes the poetry complete in the name of life….



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