Fallen For Fanushi 4.0




Sky full of Lanterns

Thy we named you as the lantern of he sky

As you combined hands together to fly

The Sunday was sly, and the Sky was full of you

You filled the heart of the city of joy


As the name resemblances , the very own šŸŽ‰ Diwali Celebration of ours was embraced by the hovering sky šŸŒŒ lanterns this year

As an endearing Green Diwali initiative Fanushi 4.0 had innovated sly notations on our hearts šŸ’•Ā 

Let the Diwali Delights bring this delicacy for years to come

Letā€™s all gather again at our city of home


I wish I could fly along with you….
I wish I could hold you till you touch my heart
I wish I could ornament you with colors of my mind
I wish I could win the sky full of you, Oh! Kind


From a No manā€™s land I let you fly with my hovering wish

With the urge of living dynamics and covering thirst

Let me witness you from my watchful eyes


I have left an age of ceremonies there at your lapĀ Under your warm love of friendshipĀ 

Covered by our trust and unavoidable gapĀ 

I have left my mind full of urges to win you there at your heart ā¤ļøĀ 

Touched by your glorious voice of lustrous melodiesĀ 

Layered by my choir of concerts that hold your beats šŸ’—


And the cloudburst came over us when you hugged me in thirst

The rain ā˜”ļøhad sung a song of dancing šŸ’ƒ love and darkened sky šŸŒŒĀ 

I was done later , when you had my cunning pain

We wrote a poetry on the pavement of our pacemakersĀ 

Time wept lines off , curves got stolen , tears šŸ˜­ got rolled over ,

Our poetry of togetherness stayed forever

Fate realized that the close we live , our body, our souls ainā€™t covering that distance of resonanceĀ 

We were left alone together , miles from each other , covering our lightened sky šŸŒŒ and day dreaming space šŸš€


Dream that caught on fire last nightĀ Over an unbeaten fightĀ 

Since the years of sound and lightĀ 

Time forgot to tell us the tale of kiteĀ 
Dream that caught on fireĀ 

Forgiving my loved attireĀ 

Pain that rained through the year

Countryside wrote the last LearĀ 
Dream that caught on fireĀ 

On a sunny blissful affairĀ 

However could forget the wish and her hairĀ 

Glory that let me remember it with deep love and fear


Fallen apart from my sky of woodenly mellows

Indirectly emoting a greedily arrowsĀ 

Oh that certainly failed to impress my customsĀ 

That never cared about my solemnly wisdom


A tale of love

A story of witnessing history

Reminding me of my good old acoustics

From the diaries of my hundred miles

Till the closest covered sunsets from my window grills

Reminding me of my last walk through my pavement of emoting innocence

From the holy little book of solemnity

Till the thousand steps of togetherness from serenity

Reminding me of the last good bye though my song of separation

From the classes of my college days

Till the starter of an endless autumnal plays


I have a dream to love youĀ 

To touch you in a middle of a rainy downpourĀ 

To feel you in a middle of falling cluster of my timeless tourĀ 

To sketch you under my pen and pencil and my lustrous skiing lourĀ 

To arm you beneath my wide gateways of Natureā€™s sourĀ 

I have a dream to love youĀ 

To live you in your lovely little loved Life of love and careĀ 

To dream you beyond the parallax that draw you dareĀ 

To hold you with my unarmed arms of sunset and fire

To write you in my protagonist Novel of sunrise and lureĀ 

I have a dream to love youĀ 

To die for you before the death of time and ageĀ 

To fight for you from the binding of life and cageĀ 

To care for you from my framing broadened stageĀ 

I have a dream to love you


Let the time flowĀ Let the whistle blowĀ 

Time your watch to the perfect lap of the day

Once you will find the snap in the priceless clayĀ 

Let the line go straightĀ 

Let the circle go roundĀ 

Speed your walk upĀ 

Once you will find the peace in a little tea cupĀ 

Let the hill station get frozen

Let the glass get broken

Open your eyes to infiniteĀ 


Life goes on dying after restless urges,
We never realize that diseased eyes could kill hundreds sights,

A kite thatā€™s lost today , once were played by us at our own sky,

Thereā€™s no peace of Mother found in sonā€™s crawling face,

A mumbling time is passing by our cravennessā€¦.

We never understand that whatever is ours ā€¦will come to us by their own wishā€¦.

The night comes up with darkened city streets ā€¦.the blissful colors do describe the innocent victimsā€¦.

Let the day comeā€¦again we shall be engaged in enacting that all seems to be rightā€¦though we still crave for what we havenā€™t got yetā€¦.


Thy I am calling you to meet the glory of the universe , to the unmatched beauty of natureā€™s lap by the morning shower of your Motherā€™s handā€¦.to the future of unseen passages and to the glorious occasion of lifeā€¦.

Thy I am bringing you to the sky of limitless bluesā€¦.to the water of transparent oceansā€¦.to the crowd of snow peaks ā€¦ā€¦to the rhapsody of rapid roadsā€¦.

Thy I am living you within me everyday and nightā€¦.to the mortal remained of the immortalsā€¦.to the limit of loving beyondā€¦to the urge of staying you foreverā€¦.


A tale of love from the eternal doveĀ 
Oh my dearest coveĀ 
You never thought of me writing this for youĀ 
I thou caught you amidst my SolomonĀ 
From the nurtured care that kept with hove
My eyes stared at youĀ 
From the nightingale of snapped blue night
You though eyed shy from the carelessĀ 

whispers in my bed of lured dreamsĀ 
I drew you there between my foundation of name and stoned access of lusterĀ 
From the evening of black eye shadow and star ship of the naked sky
I Kept walking to receive you beyond my shattered dreams that gave me wings to fly

Copyright reserves to Anirban Dutta



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