A Call @ Calcutta Zoological Garden




Call @ The Zoological Garden

Ever since birth, we have been a repeated winter visitor at the much known Calcutta Zoological Garden, also known as the Alipur Zoo. My Father has been an exceptionally well story teller. I could remember Sunday afternoons of our childhood, when He used to narrate us stories one after the other to make us sleep under an affectionate pair of arms.Animals and fictions, yet emotional contents were major parts of the story told by him. Till the boundary of the primary school , he didn’t leave a single winter weekend to make ourselves eye every elements of our much loved City of joy. November Second, 2016 had given another day to explore the newly renewed zoo.


The Alligators

The afternoon Sun was so amazingly well lightened, that made the resting alligator looked like one of the sly creature kept at the garden. The contrast made by the green back waters made every witnesses stand there for more than a while. It was a perfect photographer’s land.


The Curious Childhood

Animal’s little planet made the little child curiously attached with the four hours trip. He had been asking for “Sher Khan dekhna hain abhi, uske baad Elephant, phir Lion too”. Hearing those innocent yet warm words, I eyed towards my Father and reminded of those beautiful days, when he used to take my hands to the same place more than a decade ago. My eyes were wept by tears rolling down, which I had to hide from the crowd.



The Alligators

Carrying the dearest pair of eyes, the Deer caught my shutter’s two captures. They were joy to watch above the green pads.


The Deer


Afternoon Rest

The tale of the Tortoise and the Rabbit, the cunning reminder of the childhood fantasies. How many times we have been narrated this story , none of us could even remember the endless summers and winters.



The Little One

And the Curious Kid




The Guardian Guide

This is the best snap I had taken that day. These pair of hands once guided me through this same pavement of pebbles. My Father, My Proud Father guided his grandson carrying the same enthusiasm. I wish someone would have been there at my time to take a picture of him holding my little hands then….


The Chimpanzee

With a great history of evolution the Chimpanzee had taken an immensely pivotal role as the center of the attraction at the Alipur Zoo.


The Bear

The second most scary animal in the wild, the sloth Bear here seemed to be very adoring and lovely.


The Traveler


Royal Bengal Tiger

It was my Father as usual, who made me watch the exemplary view to the self declared king of the jungle.


A Lake Side View


The National Bird

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful


An Old Stopover


The Caged Beauty


The King


Elephants spotted after the eagerly waiting


Wild behind the Wild Stone


Three storied family


And The Stripped


This Blog is dedicated to my Father, ever Watchful and Wondering


Days of Toys


Wonderland of the Visitors



Fallen For Fanushi 4.0




Sky full of Lanterns

Thy we named you as the lantern of he sky

As you combined hands together to fly

The Sunday was sly, and the Sky was full of you

You filled the heart of the city of joy


As the name resemblances , the very own šŸŽ‰ Diwali Celebration of ours was embraced by the hovering sky šŸŒŒ lanterns this year

As an endearing Green Diwali initiative Fanushi 4.0 had innovated sly notations on our hearts šŸ’•Ā 

Let the Diwali Delights bring this delicacy for years to come

Letā€™s all gather again at our city of home


I wish I could fly along with you….
I wish I could hold you till you touch my heart
I wish I could ornament you with colors of my mind
I wish I could win the sky full of you, Oh! Kind


From a No manā€™s land I let you fly with my hovering wish

With the urge of living dynamics and covering thirst

Let me witness you from my watchful eyes


I have left an age of ceremonies there at your lapĀ Under your warm love of friendshipĀ 

Covered by our trust and unavoidable gapĀ 

I have left my mind full of urges to win you there at your heart ā¤ļøĀ 

Touched by your glorious voice of lustrous melodiesĀ 

Layered by my choir of concerts that hold your beats šŸ’—


And the cloudburst came over us when you hugged me in thirst

The rain ā˜”ļøhad sung a song of dancing šŸ’ƒ love and darkened sky šŸŒŒĀ 

I was done later , when you had my cunning pain

We wrote a poetry on the pavement of our pacemakersĀ 

Time wept lines off , curves got stolen , tears šŸ˜­ got rolled over ,

Our poetry of togetherness stayed forever

Fate realized that the close we live , our body, our souls ainā€™t covering that distance of resonanceĀ 

We were left alone together , miles from each other , covering our lightened sky šŸŒŒ and day dreaming space šŸš€


Dream that caught on fire last nightĀ Over an unbeaten fightĀ 

Since the years of sound and lightĀ 

Time forgot to tell us the tale of kiteĀ 
Dream that caught on fireĀ 

Forgiving my loved attireĀ 

Pain that rained through the year

Countryside wrote the last LearĀ 
Dream that caught on fireĀ 

On a sunny blissful affairĀ 

However could forget the wish and her hairĀ 

Glory that let me remember it with deep love and fear


Fallen apart from my sky of woodenly mellows

Indirectly emoting a greedily arrowsĀ 

Oh that certainly failed to impress my customsĀ 

That never cared about my solemnly wisdom


A tale of love

A story of witnessing history

Reminding me of my good old acoustics

From the diaries of my hundred miles

Till the closest covered sunsets from my window grills

Reminding me of my last walk through my pavement of emoting innocence

From the holy little book of solemnity

Till the thousand steps of togetherness from serenity

Reminding me of the last good bye though my song of separation

From the classes of my college days

Till the starter of an endless autumnal plays


I have a dream to love youĀ 

To touch you in a middle of a rainy downpourĀ 

To feel you in a middle of falling cluster of my timeless tourĀ 

To sketch you under my pen and pencil and my lustrous skiing lourĀ 

To arm you beneath my wide gateways of Natureā€™s sourĀ 

I have a dream to love youĀ 

To live you in your lovely little loved Life of love and careĀ 

To dream you beyond the parallax that draw you dareĀ 

To hold you with my unarmed arms of sunset and fire

To write you in my protagonist Novel of sunrise and lureĀ 

I have a dream to love youĀ 

To die for you before the death of time and ageĀ 

To fight for you from the binding of life and cageĀ 

To care for you from my framing broadened stageĀ 

I have a dream to love you


Let the time flowĀ Let the whistle blowĀ 

Time your watch to the perfect lap of the day

Once you will find the snap in the priceless clayĀ 

Let the line go straightĀ 

Let the circle go roundĀ 

Speed your walk upĀ 

Once you will find the peace in a little tea cupĀ 

Let the hill station get frozen

Let the glass get broken

Open your eyes to infiniteĀ 


Life goes on dying after restless urges,
We never realize that diseased eyes could kill hundreds sights,

A kite thatā€™s lost today , once were played by us at our own sky,

Thereā€™s no peace of Mother found in sonā€™s crawling face,

A mumbling time is passing by our cravennessā€¦.

We never understand that whatever is ours ā€¦will come to us by their own wishā€¦.

The night comes up with darkened city streets ā€¦.the blissful colors do describe the innocent victimsā€¦.

Let the day comeā€¦again we shall be engaged in enacting that all seems to be rightā€¦though we still crave for what we havenā€™t got yetā€¦.


Thy I am calling you to meet the glory of the universe , to the unmatched beauty of natureā€™s lap by the morning shower of your Motherā€™s handā€¦.to the future of unseen passages and to the glorious occasion of lifeā€¦.

Thy I am bringing you to the sky of limitless bluesā€¦.to the water of transparent oceansā€¦.to the crowd of snow peaks ā€¦ā€¦to the rhapsody of rapid roadsā€¦.

Thy I am living you within me everyday and nightā€¦.to the mortal remained of the immortalsā€¦.to the limit of loving beyondā€¦to the urge of staying you foreverā€¦.


A tale of love from the eternal doveĀ 
Oh my dearest coveĀ 
You never thought of me writing this for youĀ 
I thou caught you amidst my SolomonĀ 
From the nurtured care that kept with hove
My eyes stared at youĀ 
From the nightingale of snapped blue night
You though eyed shy from the carelessĀ 

whispers in my bed of lured dreamsĀ 
I drew you there between my foundation of name and stoned access of lusterĀ 
From the evening of black eye shadow and star ship of the naked sky
I Kept walking to receive you beyond my shattered dreams that gave me wings to fly

Copyright reserves to Anirban Dutta


Finally @ Fanushi 4.0

And finally the day has come!

It’s Fanushi 4.0

As the name resemblances , the very own šŸŽ‰ Diwali Celebration of ours will be embraced by the hovering sky šŸŒŒ lanterns this year.

As an endearing Green Diwali initiative Fanushi 4.0 has already innovated sly notations on our hearts šŸ’• 

Let the Diwali Delights get delicately different this year

Let’s all gather here for this unique event and enjoy @ the city of joy


#FanushiFinal #Fansuhi

Kurious @ Kurlotsav Kaptures




Three sixty Five Days

One witnessed waiting

Durga Pujo

Bengalisā€™ heartbeats Oh! The immensely heard beats are felt everywhere we eye. Perhaps the cultural perimeter of Durga Pujo has marked its footprint as the widest one among any other festival across the world.

BengalĀ  alwaysĀ  setsĀ  exemplaryĀ  markĀ  ofĀ  celebrationĀ  inĀ  termsĀ  ofĀ  enrichedĀ  traditionalĀ  ethicsĀ  and avid values of lives.

Eyeing the celebration of Durga Pujo, Indiaā€™s largest selling mattress brand Kurl On inaugurates the festival of unlimited happiness and joy by a cunning contest for you, me and every one of us to cherish the eternal memories of Durga Pujo by our Photo enthusiastic hearts.

The air of Pujo resemblances the very soothing smell of it, shopaholic people around the shopping centres. No matter where our lives are leading us to, Durga Pujo brings shining smile even on the gloomiest faces.

Kurl On has brought offers, for which outstanding word would be too less to ornament.



Image result for copyright symbolCopyright Reserves to Anirban Dutta https://lifebeyondstruggle.wordpress.com/


Pujo means the essence of brand new attires, customised designs, unlimited fun, sheer joy, hovering happiness and delightful desires. Since our childhood some elements of Pujo has been changing in the way they were formatted before, however the true vibes of this vibrant festival has remained the same in terms of our share of love and utmost care. Our very own blessings of guardians, the colloquial calls of old Calcutta lanes or be it the traditions hidden in our trams, everything has been holding their chapters of truthfulness and boldness so beautifully, that these 5-7 days bind all of us together no matter where belong from or who we are.

Durga Pujo does bring the opportunity to design and decorate our household in a brand new format, thus likewise every year Kurl On being the largest selling mattress brand of our Country since 1962, has introduced unmatched offers, that we have never been met to.

Starting from assured gifts on every purchase (Maximum up to Rs 11,297/-) Kurl On brings widest varieties of dining decorating options such as complete bedding sets, comforters, pillows and covers etc.

Oh! That actually might not have needed an introduction briefly, as we all must have seen the Kurl On Durga Pujo 2016 television commercial amidst the very busy schedule of ours.

Who doesnā€™t like add on surprises?

The new generation, power packed DSLRs; well equipped smart phones are ever ready not to miss a single capture of this vibrant festival. We sometimes envy that we did not have these equipment with us during our childhood days and the rest is the history. The thirsting minds are now open to steal all the priceless moments during Durga Pujo. Kurl On being a brand of enriched history involved in the celebration of Durga Pujo since many decades has opened our lenses for an unbelievable opportunity to capture moments.

ā€œKurlotsav Kapturesā€ is the much known name holding the contest and one of the most widely used hash tags in the social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.Ā 

Photographers across the globe can now shoot any and every moment of this greatest festival on earth and simply participate in this contest to win cash prizes including additional gifts from Kurl On. The rules and guidelines for submission of entries and other details can be found here.

Let us explore some pebbles of this yearā€™s Durga Pujo from the eyes of Kurl Onā€¦..



Image result for copyright symbolCopyright Reserves to Anirban Dutta https://lifebeyondstruggle.wordpress.com/


Greeting the presence of Mother Coy

Oh! Thatā€™s our prayers of joy

Ā Ā Ā Ā  We share the choir of happiness and smileĀ Ā Ā Ā 

No matter the distance is in metre or mile








Image result for copyright symbolCopyright Reserves to Anirban Dutta https://lifebeyondstruggle.wordpress.com/


Celebrating the days and nights of lives

Our Mother speaks to our souls that bind

It is the beauty of freedom and love

Oh! Thatā€™s in the wings of birds, Cuckoo or Dove









Image result for copyright symbolCopyright Reserves to Anirban Dutta https://lifebeyondstruggle.wordpress.com/


Our People carrying prayers to the Mother

Blissful that blessing, which gives us cover

This protects us from nightmares and sorrows of death

Thou left us with the festival of hope and faith


Image result for copyright symbolCopyright Reserves to Anirban Dutta https://lifebeyondstruggle.wordpress.com/


No matter the years had gone for ages to build

Innocence has been the element of our guild

It is the infantā€™s smile or the aged onesā€™

Our Pujo has been a symbol of love in tons


Image result for copyright symbolCopyright Reserves to Anirban Dutta https://lifebeyondstruggle.wordpress.com/


Our rituals of hovering wish over time

Avid the GOD, who is behind the mountain and tides

Greatest the Idol is, to whom we eye to pray

Beautiful the elements are which we keep in tray


Image result for copyright symbolCopyright Reserves to Anirban Dutta https://lifebeyondstruggle.wordpress.com/


We have walked on the pavements of where we used to buy toy

Our childhood was spent in a city that spreads love as its joy

We live Pujo in our blood and minds

In our souls that bind

In our Pujo that ties

Image result for copyright symbol6.jpg

Image result for copyright symbolCopyright Reserves to Anirban Dutta https://lifebeyondstruggle.wordpress.com/


Kurl On has bought us a free endeavour to win hearts and exciting prizes.

Our sheer success is attached with the curious minds involved and participated in the event of

ā€œKurlotsav Kapturesā€

A glimpse of memories can be cherished here

Captured Exclusively for #KurlotsavKaptures