Pure Puranpur

My heart felt crying after meeting the farmers at the Bengali Colony , near the Sharda River on our 3rd day visit. With enriched knowledge of farming and scoial upbringing they are still deprived from 99% facilities of the normal lifestyle. I have taken an oath to write an article on them,if that can bring some needed light on thier part of lives and therefore on their future generations. I have named it as “Pure Puranpur”. I will try all my good offices to spread this article to mass for their enlightment to life. We are in a festive season , and I have just come back from a village , where celebration means a day’s rice meal , but nothing. Our villages and farmers are deprived since years and ages. It’s our duty that we give some part and portions of our lives for their upbringing and equal rights in the society.
Thanks again Bharti Singh for the unmatched introduction. And heartiest thanks to Uncle, without your help and inspiration nothing would have been possible.
“Pure Puranpur” coming soon
#puranpur #puranpurdiaries #farmersofindia #farmers #pilibhit


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