Story of my life 

Story of my life 

A wise decision to write 

It was a tough fight
Though I was blind 

Among the waves and tides

Time did flow on the way of its vibes 
Nevertheless fate came in the picture 

From the crazy little urges to the mosque of failure 

From the beginning of love lustre and high adrenaline 

To the day care of wounds and terribly sacred drain 
Never mind it happened by the way it demanded to be 

For the lazy attire of my poems and prosaic bee

Due to the sudden loss of emotions and autumnal tree
Story of my life 

A cunning decision to pen it down

It was hazy and mat finished drown 
Though I wrote it on a sheet of mind and rational dayside 

From the caring rain of monsoon to the excitement of traffic ride 

From the calling of death to the immortality of poetic bride


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