Colors of blinds ….

I have a very bad habit of keeping the stories written in my pocket of poems behind every snaps. It was a sunny June evening of an year ago. Havlock Island, Andaman. After an enchanting photo shoot at the virgin beach of shining sands and clear blue waters….I could find myself in a new root of discovery,which included one of my write ups “Ate hain Andaman”….and around 67 short poems about the mellow waves and lousy tree leaves guarding the beach like a hall of fame. My driver was taking me through a sunset drive and I caught up few kids….organised by some volunteers…they were busy with the balloons …such a wonderful view it was…Lads were smiling like new born kids….and I got a real stop over to join the innocent act of them..I too helped them for couple of balloons and one of the volunteer came ahead and greet me…..SOS Children’s Village of India…..A trust which gives home to homeless kids and mothers to make a children’s village…..I was informed that all the children present there were blinds…and they couldn’t see the colors of the balloons….But still they were smiling like rainbows….My eyes were opened in an eternal discovery of life that life is not about seeing the colors…its truly about feeling the colors within yourself….So No matter what you are….always , GOD will always love you….feel that color of joy in your life….Cheers !


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