To a nameless friend – An Inspiration 

I was wondering about lot of words to describe your work, but couldn’t find suitable some

Suddenly my music player started playing “where have all the flowers gone”…..the old Pete Seeger….Perhaps one of the number of songs which I still listen to since my childhood….it’s not a song to me….it’s an amazing inspiration to me to do music about present and to represent present time in a form of any art…I also thought of contemporary art forms….Somehow I could relate your works with this Grammy Hall of fame number of Pete Seeger….

The way He tried to represent His time , only a few exceptionally matured artists could do….I found some of the same magic in your photographs….I am sure you would find other form of arts soon to represent time , to represent us , to represent our race …..

As we were talking about every human connection last night that makes us rich day by day…no doubt you and your work would remain as some of those rare connections which makes me richest…


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