To an inspirational friend

Saturday afternoon, a lazy call of bed. I eyed outside from my window of broken wooden frames. It’s still raining, and I am loving it. I find rhymes in every single signals of nature and rain is one of them. When it rains, it really says something which is beyond our imaginations. When we feel like crying , some of us suddenly starts laughing at own self. But when we feel like smiling , some of us really feel like they’re raining from within. Rain has an intellect significance in the stages of our lives. Rain was just not a rainy day early bells during my school days, it was more than that causal joy. Somehow I feel like when it rains , someone somewhere is trying to say something to me and I could connect to many of the anonymous voices of life. Those who doesn’t know me even , somehow they knock me by their rainy routines. Wherever I see I could find a message of GOD coming across my heart and distributing our tears in a formation called raindrops. Tears of a much waited happiness , tears of an unwanted division. When we cry, these raindrops too cry from a substance called Nature….sometimes it’s a joy of Nature….sometimes it’s just another day of struggle….and then we wouldn’t get the cold drops of water from Nature when it rains just because someone has hurt it…Tears and Rain are siblings on their own places….we can never separate them….we can only live with them….



  1. The Pluviophiles connection.
    It feels pure. The connection is deep and it humbly grounded us to our skin. We humans were made exclusively unlike any other creatures in the universe. The best thing happened to me is “now”. It’s everytime about the moment because I was ready to mold. Like the sunny days are gone and it’s now about monsoon. Thank God, you kept your patience even under the access of heat and because you knew there will be good time and there the rain. It was like the hardest days you faced were only to make you feel soft. We waited for the rain with a curiosity that a child has in his eyes. It’s a blessing that we could bless ourselves.

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