Sudden rain

It was 05:41 am today,it was a sudden rain which brought me into senses. I woke up after a whole night dream of my past and what my future would be. Till yesterday night I was unsure of a fact that shall I proceed with the flow of time and just leave the decision of pairing my life through any intended partner without even my feelings and emotions for her. Perhaps GOD is always there when we’re confused what to do. Thank you My LORD for answering me through whispering dreams and I realised that an injustice would have been made by me if I simply let my emotions flow for someone whom I don’t know even, just for the sake of settlement. I am bringing myself back to the present of loneliness and I realise the fact that my life would be a teaching to live alone. I got a sharp lesson today that don’t do any such thing which isn’t coming from your heart spontaneously no matter how alone you are….just don’t get paired with anyone for the sake of settlement….


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