Oh Lady of light – how does this darkness justify you …..

The raindrops start pouring in your eyes Lashes you down….I had fallen 

The evening is gone ….my window of love has been kept opened….

You came and vanished on your own shadow

You made your own river , cried on your own eyes….

You kept bathing on your own raindrops 

I still feel incomplete on your water of love

The Raincoat of love is gone …

No matter where you’re 

The last monsoon was following you

I waited for you on my sleepless door 

The raindrops still writes on my roof of poems

The river is waiting for you likewise me

The Raincoat of emotions is gone

My day is still incomplete 

As you had never come back



  1. Excellently portrayed by you young author, I don’t remember when I had last time read matured lines ……I would say a rainy romantic evening of incomplete desires.

    Liked by 1 person

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